1889 Foundation Stone - Beach Mission Church

Laying the Foundation Stone of the


From the Lodge Minute Books
J Guthrie Orchar11th July 1889 – Brother James Guthrie Orchar, Provost of Broughty Ferry was affiliated into the Lodge, (His mother Lodge was Lodge Caledonian No. 254.)
Brother Orchar returned thanks for being affiliated into ‘Lodge Broughty Castle’. The R.W.M. Bro Bell expressed his satisfaction on behalf of the Lodge on the ‘acquisition’ of the newly affiliated Brother.

Then ‘Acting under the sanction of the P.G. Master and under the supervision of Bro Bell, R.W.M.’ the Lodge marched in procession to Fort Street Mission Church where the ceremony of laying the foundation stone of that edifice was performed with full Masonic honours by Brother James G. Orchar. The brethren then marched back to the Lodge which was then closed.

Newspaper Report of the Event


The foundation stone of the church which is being erected for the Broughty Ferry Beach Mission was laid last night with Masonic honours by Chief Magistrate Orchar. The ceremony was made the occasion of a demonstration of the local lodges of Freemasons, Foresters, and Ancient Shepherds, and the procession, which was marshalled in Gray Street and marched through the principal streets of the burgh, attracted considerable attention, the whole route being lined by large crowds of interested spectators. The procession, which comprised two mounted men from each of the Societies represented, was headed by the Carnoustie brass band, and was followed by a large number of stalwart fishermen, the Shepherds, with their beautiful banner, a pipe band, the Foresters with the Freemasons bringing up the rear, along with Chief Magistrate Orchar, who is also a member of the craft.
The weather, which had been of the most disagreeable de­scription all day, fortunately kept fair, and the stone was laid under favourable circumstances. Arrived at the foot of Fort Street, where the building is situated, the Chief Magistrates and the brethren and other gentlemen who were to take part in the proceedings at once proceeded to an extemporised platform where the stone was to be laid.

In addition to Mr Orchar there were present, among others, Rev. James Wilson, Parish Church; Rev. James Leask, St Stephen's; Rev. Andrew Armit, of the Beach Mission; Rev. James Denny East Free Church; Rev. W. B. Nicolson, Baptist Church ; Rev. Mr Lumsden, assistant, St Stephen's; Senior Magistrate Gray, Commissioner Scott, Mr Robert Calder, H.M.I.S.; Mr T. S. Rosa, Mr Thos Lillie, Royal Bank; Mr R. M. Brodie, Mr J. S. Peddie, Mr Peter Sim, the members of the Mission Committee, &c. There was also a large attendance of ladies and gentlemen, and a vast crowd took up their position on the street in front of the building.
Mr robert calder presented Chief Magistrate Orchar with a handsome silver trowel, and in doing so said they all knew the deep interest he had taken in the welfare of the Beach Mission, and that he had liberally subscribed to it, and had been he first subscriber. (Applause.)

Mr K. M. Brodie afterwards produced the casket, which was to be placed in the cavity of the stone and enumerated what it contained. There were nine coins of the realm, a copy of that day's Courier, a history Of the Mission, and several other Documents. Mr Brodie concluded by expressing he hope that the church might be a" lasting memorial and a blessing to the Broughty Ferry fishermen. (Applause.)
The stone was then placed in position, and, having been struck with the mallet by the Chief Magistrate and pronounced to be plumb, level, and square.

Mr Orchar thanked the Committee for the hand­some silver trowel with which he had been pre­sented, and Mr Calder for the land words he had used in making mention of his name. He could assure them it had been a very pleasant thing that had fallen to him to lay the foundation stone of that church, and it must also be very gratifying to all who took an interest in the Beach Mission that there had been such a ready response in subscrip­tions to give their fishing population and their families a place of worship that they might call their own. (Applause.) It must also be gratifying to them that in a few weeks as much money was got as paid for the building, which was upon the ground, the building of the church, and the redeeming of the feu-duty, and all this before the foundation stone had been laid. (Applause.)

He was sure that all who had taken an interest in the" Mission would be amply repaid for their exertions if the fisher people would take advantage of the ministrations which would be given in the church.
Corn, wine, and oil were then strewn over the stone with the usual Masonic ceremonies, after which the Rev. Mr Leask engaged in prayer.

Mr K. O. Parker made a statement of the origin and progress of the Mission, which appeared in yes­terday's Courier.
Mr T. S. Ross proposed a hearty vote of thanks to their esteemed Chief Magistrate for discharging thatevening the most important part of that interesting ceremony. (Applause.) He also referred to the liberal subscription, which Mr Orchar had so kindly donated and after his name had been given to them the subscriptions flowed in, in a way, which possibly astonished the committee themselves. (Applause) It was not only the handsome and liberal sums which they had received, but the liberal spirits in which these liberal sums, were given. (Applause.)

St James ChurchAfter specifying several of the subscriptions, Mr Ross alluded to the many acts which had been done by Mr Qrchar, and thanked him for his kindness on this occasion, and his many similar acts on previous occasions. (Loud applause.)
Mr Orchar suitably replied.

Mr Peddie called for three cheers to those who had taken part in the proceedings, the bands, and the choir, which were cordially given Mr Peter Sim, in moving a vote of thanks to the subscribers, remarked on the liberality of the subscriptions, and hoped that the fishing community would show their gratitude by filling the church every Sunday. (Applause.)
He also-remarked that the fishermen would be the better if they had a reading room where they could spend their spare time.

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