The 1911 Lodge Minutes

12th Jan 1911 – An intimation was received from P.G. Secretary regarding the consecration of a new Hall in Montrose.
A letter from a Brother James Grant requesting to know how many brethren would join the proposed ‘Masonic Club’ in Dundee. No one at the meeting took up the offer and the letter was allowed to lie on the table.

26th Jan 1911 – The committee entrusted with organising the Social evening recommended that it be held on Friday 24th Feb and that it would take the form of a ‘Social Dance’ Price of tickets to be 3 shillings per double ticket.

9th Feb 1911 – A letter was read out from the Secretary of the Operative Lodge No. 47 inviting the Master and Wardens to a conference on the proposed infirmary scheme.
Bro R.D. Lawson Keith intimated that Brother Christie (who was a Tea Planter) had sent a donation of £10 to the Lodge for the Hall Scheme. (£10 in 1911 was about 4 weeks wages for a normal tradesman)

10th Feb 1911 – A special meeting was held to confer the Mark Degree on 16 brethren of Broughty Castle, 1 brother from Operative No. 47 and 1 brother from Thistle Operative No. 158.

23rd Feb 1911 – The Lodge agreed to adopt the form of Mark Degree Ritual that had been used at the special meeting on the 10th (The Lodge must have been still using the 1892 version which was adopted from Lodge Ancient No.49.
P.M. Bro Peter Longair of Lodge Operative No.47 (a second cousin of my grandmother –I.D.M.) explained the proposed scheme for representation on the Royal Infirmary Board of Governors from the respective Lodges. The Lodge agreed to consider the matter when further proposals took a more ‘concrete form’

2nd March 1911 – Annual Visit from the P.G. Master and P.G. Lodge, the Lodge books were found in excellent order and well kept, neither the P.G. Secretary nor the P.G. Treasurer could find any fault with them this time. After the P.G. Visitation the Lodge formed a ‘Financial Committee for the Hall Scheme’ Twenty brethren were appointed to the committee headed by the RWM W.B. Lowson.

23rd March 1911 – The Secretary read a letter from Lodge Operative No.47 inviting R.W.M. and Wardens to a meeting in connection with the Dundee Royal Infirmary Governorship for Masonic Lodges.

Freemasons’ Hall Edinburgh
Freemasons Hall6th April 1911 – A circular was received from Grand Secretary enclosing two tickets for the ceremony of the laying of the memorial stone of ‘New Freemasons Hall’ in Edinburgh on Friday 28th April. (Brother W.B. Lowson RWM and Bro David Stenhouse were appointed to represent the Lodge at the ceremony)
The Secretary read a report of the meeting of the representatives of the Masonic Lodges, held in Dundee, This for considering the representation of the Lodges on the Royal Infirmary Board of Governors. The Lodge agreed to give a contribution of 35 shillings per annum for 12 years for the DRI scheme, the money to be paid by the Treasurer out of the Benevolent Fund of the Lodge.
The Secretary also intimated that the ‘Feu Contract’ for the ground at Brook Street was now ready for signing and he explained the conditions therein. After discussion it was resolved to have a special meeting of the Lodge for further consideration of the new hall scheme.

14th April 1911 – A special meeting of the Lodge was held to read and discuss the contract between the Lodge Trustees and Mr Robert Baxter the owner of the ground. ‘After a long discussion and mature deliberation the following motion was made by Bro Keillor and seconded by Bro David Coullie – “That the Feu Contract be signed by the Trustees therein named, and so have ground at Brook Street finally fixed in terms thereof”, this motion was unanimously carried. (The full text of the title deeds is contained in the appendixes at the back of this history).

4th May 1911 – A brother now living in London had sent two guineas (£2 2/-) for life membership of the Lodge (about 2 weeks wages for a craftsman in 1911)

1st June 1911 – An Invitation was received from Mr. Semple the Chief Constable of Broughty Ferry inviting the Lodge members to attend the procession and divine service with the Provost, Magistrates and Councillors on the Coronation Day of King George V on the 22nd June 1911, (Broughty Ferry was still an independent town then, it was not incorporated into Dundee until 1913) the brethren agreed to join this event.
A letter was read from Mr Robert Baxter intimating that he would pay the expenses of the Feu Contract of the ground at Brook Street, he enclosed the solicitors account duly discharged. The secretary was instructed to write to Mr Baxter and thank him for this gift.
The office bearers were asked to consider the proposal of having a ‘Smoking Concert’ on Coronation evening. (Cough Cough). This proposal was eventually rejected.

21st June 1911 – The Lodge opened for the brethren to attend the funeral service of Brother George Nicoll, the brethren formed into marching order, proceeded to the house of mourning and afterwards to the cemetery where the Masonic ceremony was conducted. The Brethren returned to the Lodge and closed the Lodge

Coronation of King George V
Kins Coronation22nd June 1911 – The Lodge was opened and the Brethren formed into marching order and proceeded to the Council Chambers where they joined the public procession and afterwards proceeded to the Parish Church (St Aiden’s) where a very impressive service was held to celebrate the coronation of King George V. Thereafter they returned to the Good Templar Hall and closed the Lodge.

5th Oct 1911 – A letter was received from Grand Secretary informing the Lodge as there were no funds available meantime from the Annuity fund.

19th Oct 1911 – A letter was received from Lodge Dalhousie No. 679 inviting the brethren to a Church service in Carnoustie on Sunday.
Intimation of P.G. Lodge meeting in Arbroath.
Four brethren proposed for membership, all were balloted, two were subsequently initiated. Lodge was raised to the third degree and three brethren raised to the Master Mason Degree.
The Secretary reported that arrangements had been made for the laying of the memorial stone in the new hall. The committee was instructed to arrange for a ‘Social Meeting’ to be held after the ceremony.

2nd Nov 1911 – The secretary intimated that the P.G. Lodge would meet here on Saturday 11th November and that the memorial stone of the new hall would be laid with Masonic honours on that date. The ceremony to be performed by Brother the Right Honourable The Earl of Dalhousie, Right worshipful Junior Grand Warden. The RWM intimated that a Social evening would be held here (Good Templar Hall) after the ceremony, the charge being one shilling (1/-) each. The RWM also intimated that the Lodge would hold a church service on Sunday afternoon 12th Nov and invited all the brethren to be present.

Events of the 11th November 1911 (11/11/11)Memorial Stone laid for the new Masonic Temple in Brook Street Broughty Ferry

16th Nov 1911 – Nomination of office bearers, it looks like the candidates for offices are now decided by some sort of ‘caucus’ to ensure that only one candidate per office is proposed and seconded. The multiple challenges look like a thing of the past by ny761911.
Invitations to Festivals of St Andrew from other Lodges were received and delegates appointed, i.e. To Thistle Operative Brothers A.M. Barbour & White; to Forfar & Kincardine No.225, Brothers Wm Gibson and W.M. Chalmers; to Albert No.448, Brothers John Powrie, Wm Gibson & D. Myles.
It was also minuted that ‘Brother Alex Campbell, Master Mariner, Methil who was initiated into this Lodge in 1877 and raised to the third degree on 3rd July 1877 was present and paid the test fee.’The secretary read out a new alteration to the Grand Lodge Law dealing with applications by candidates, the notification of his details to all members and the period of time between the application and the subsequent ballot.

Dated 7th November 1911.
Law 181 of the Constitution now reads: - 
“No Candidate for initiation into Freemasonry, or affiliation to a Lodge, shall be admitted a member thereof until he produces an application, stating his name, age, profession, and residence; and a declaration that he has never been refused bay any other Lodge, or if so, when and by what Lodge or Lodges; which application shall be subscribed by two Master Masons of the Lodge in good standing. The name, profession, and residence of each candidate, with the names of the Master Masons recommending him, shall appear on a notice which must be delivered, or posted, to every member of the Lodge, in good standing, at least five days prior to the meeting at which the application is to be read and considered. The character and qualifications of the applicant shall be fully enquired into and considered, after which, if the brethren express themselves satisfied by ballot in open Lodge, he may be admitted after payment of fees.

Any Lodge which does not issue notices for every meeting may, instead, have the application read at one meeting, and considered and the ballot taken at a subsequent meeting of the Lodge, held not earlier than seven days thereafter. Three black balls shall exclude a candidate. The Lodges in the Colonies and in Foreign parts may enact that two black balls shall exclude. None but Master Masons of the Lodge, in good standing, shall be entitled to vote.”

23rd Nov 1911 – The Lodge was now following the new procedure for candidates with seven days between petitions being read out and the ballot being taken. But as soon as the ballot was declared clear the candidates were immediately initiated (nowadays 24 hrs have to elapse between ballot and initiation)
Four brethren were initiated, then the Lodge passed to the second degree and two previous E.A.’s were made Fellow Crafts.
It was agreed to get new proposal forms printed to conform to the new regulations and for signature by the candidates and their two proposers.

30th Nov 1911 – Election of office bearers and Financial report by Treasurer, The Accounts showed a profit of £9 14s 1d. there were 35 Intrants over the year with 29 brethren receiving the Mark degree. 96 members paid test fees of varying amounts. £535.18/6 was spent on the new hall.

14th Dec 1911 – The Secretary submitted a sketch prepared by the Architects of proposed addition of a small hall to the building presently in course of erection. After explanations by the RWM the Lodge resolved to proceed with the proposed addition. The secretary was authorised to instruct the architects accordingly. (This was the upper hall on the top level of the building which is now a small committee room, toilets and storage cupboards.

28th Dec 1911 – A letter from P.G. Lodge asking for nominations to offices on P.G. Lodge. It was agreed to nominate Bro’s F.S. Gregory, Wm Gibson & J.N. Powrie for the offices of Stewards and Bro John Nicol for the office of P.G. Director of Ceremonies. One brother was initiated and after the installation of office bearers three Fellow Crafts were raised to the 3rd degree.
P.M. John Coullie who was assisted by Alex Farmer of Lodge Ancient No.49 then installed the office bearers for the new session into office.

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